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Why Use NextProto For Your Rapid Prototypes?

Next Proto’s advantages

In Next Proto, we don’t have any sales guys or sales representative overseas (some people call it “local support”, but it is the same thing).  All our staff is Chinese engineers. Why? Because we want to keep our price cost competitive and offering you the quickest service from China! Overseas sales guys are very expensive to hire in rapid prototyping industry. They get high percentage of commission from each project and spend a lot of money on travelling, visiting and sponsors etc. All these cost will be eventually added to the quotation that you get. Our Chinese Engineers have been in the industries over 7 years and we speck excellent English, which ensures communication between us is simple and speedy, just like you talk to your friends next door. Find out more about our advantages.

We employ the best young Chinese with engineering background. We are responsive on customer service with excellent English and also act fast on production. These are the core competencies in Rapid Prototyping industry as the lead-time for a project can be short in as little as 3 to 7 days. We are proud that have assembled a professional team who can always deliver what our customer wants. Join us if you would like to be a shining star in our team.

More Advantages:

Our facility is located in Dongguan China, which allows us to have the resources to approach all the advanced prototyping techniques very easily. Most of the prototyping companies can only offer CNC machined parts in-house and need to sub-contract the other parts. This is the fact! Next Proto has the strong capability to integrate all the resources for your needs. No matter just 1 off prototype of rapid sheet metal part, or just 500 off of lost wax cast parts. This is a unique service from us, and we are happy to help.

In Next Proto, all our CNC machines are made in China. We believe the Chinese made products share the same best quality as others in the planet. These are very well made Chinese brand machines and they are cost competitive and easy to maintain, which allows you to get the awesome parts from us in a really good price. We are very proud of being a loyal customer to products that made in China. This also drives us to keep offering you, our customers a very good price and great quality Chinese made prototypes. Find out more about our facilities in Dongguan.


Our engineers have been serving customers in the United States, Europe and Australia in Automotive, Advanced Robotics, Medical, Aerospace and Appliances industries since 2008. We understand your requirements for custom prototypes. Reviewing 3D CAD models, 2D PDF drawings with critical tolerances, providing Design for Manufacture (DFM) advice and providing instant quotes are our daily basis. When we check the CAD models and prints, we know the best process for the parts and what design assistance we should offer. This is extremely helpful at the early stage of design and prototyping, which also greatly reduces the risk of mass production run in the end. Contact us now and start a free project review.