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What features can be made by CNC Machining?
When you have designed the 3D CAD model for mass production, for example you have a part for die casting process, you must have added some features like draft angles around the edges, ribs and chamfers. This feature in the model is very important for tool relief to aid manufacture. But if you are still in the evaluation stage and you only have the final CAD model for mass production, we will give you the advice to optimize the design for prototyping.

CNC machining uses cutting tools to remove the unwanted material from a block of raw material to produce the parts. So in the internal corners there will be radius left by the cutter. For the draft angles, it is OK to produce it by CNC but it costs much more time and money. The question is, do you need the draft angles for the prototypes? If not, remove it! This will save you cost and can have the parts completed sooner.

Other features like thin wall thickness, radiis, undercuts, letterings, deep bottoming and holes are also fectors that should be considered for CNC machining. Always ask the question, "Are these features necessary for CNC prototyping?" when you request a quote from the prototyper. NextProto is happy to help customers for their prototyping and low volume manufacturing needs and we are delighted to provide our suggestions for your designs.

Do you have new projects ready for CNC prototypes? You can send an email to sales@nextproto.com and get a free quote for your parts. Feel free to ask our project engineers any technical questions about CNC machining.