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Undercut is very common for rapid prototypes. NextProto can make your parts with complex shapes and underts. We have combine cnc milling, turning and EDM to deal with the most complex prototypes. So if you have a project that other vendors say "No, it can not be done", then you should come to us and try our services for your complex parts.                 

Customized T cutter and EDM is used a lot by us for making undercut features. For plastic parts with undercut, we can section it or do the hand trimming to remove the unwanted material to get the precise geometry as per the 3D CAD data.

EDM sinker can make the undercut for metal parts. We would first CNC mill or turn the copper sinker. The sinker will be used later for EDM erosion to remove the material. EDM process is a very low process compared to CNC machining and usually the surface of EDM is quite rough. It looks like sandblast finish.