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Top 5 Reviews about Rapid Prototyping in the First Half of Oct

Rapid Prototyping

Here are the top 5 customer reviews of the leading rapid prototyping company NextProto about rapid prototyping in the first half of October.


1. D**** H****  

2016-10-10 16:24:16

Hi! I have some questions for you regarding the production of a prototype. The prototype is very simple without any advanced geometry. It is essentially a plastic box with some details on it such as tracks so that the box can be divided in several smaller compartments with a dividing wall of plastic. My question for you is whether this is something Nextproto can produce for me. I will only need a small quantity (between 1 and 20 pieces) at first and perhaps a larger quantity at a later time. I also would like a price estimate for this. I understand that the estimate will be a rough one since you know so little about the product I need prototyped. However I would really appreciate a price estimate. An STEP-file can be made if necessary, but I would like a price estimate first. The box will be open (5 walls including the dividing wall) and roughly have the dimensions: Length: 500 mm Width: 300 mm Height: 100 mm Wall thickness: 2-3 mm. Also the dividing wall needs to be produced. Best Regards -Daniel H**** CEO & co-founder B***


2. C**** W**** 

2016-10-10 08:41:08

Parts in ABS-Beige/Brown (UL94)-Injection moldingrn-70 to 100 pieces batch


3. K**** W**** 

2016-10-05 07:21:11

Could you tell me the price of details: 1 piecelabeled as "k****r" , 14 piecesof "s****a", 2 piecesof "k****s" and 2 piecesof "n****a". Material - beryllium copper. Please send me your offer. Thank you. Best regards! K**** W**** PhD student Department of A****UniversityofTechnology(****) 2 Kaliskiego Str. Warsaw 00-908Poland


4. J**** Y**** 

2016-10-05 07:10:38

I have about 10 metal (aluminum) plates to manufacture. The size is about 300mm x 300 mm x 2 mm. I need CNC milling for slots on the plates. I can send you files. Which format you need?


5. P**** B****

2016-10-04 12:15:38

I would like to manufacture 3 pcs of attached part. I am thinking to use vacuum molding or 3D-printing (maybe have to 3D-print several parts that are glued together). The part should be in plastic.



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