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Tips: Make Your Design Better and Cheaper for CNC

There are a lot of aspects that can affect the prices of CNC parts. Helping customer to optimize the designs and lower the cost to produce prototypes are our daily work. We have seen many CAD models with unnecessary features but have increased plenty of machining hours. Here are some of them below:

EDM (part with very deep and thin machining features, internal sharp corners about the bottoms or ribs)

Undercut (features that can not be cut by the tool from any direction)

Letterings (raised text or logo with very small spacing)

Surface Roughness (R0.8 or even finer for machined finish parts)

Thickness (thin wall less than 0.5mm for CNC machining will increase machining hours)

If you are a designer and are looking for some parts made by CNC machining, please take these fectors into account for the part designs. They affect the prices. If you are not familiar with it, you are very welcome to contact our engineering team at sales@nextproto.com for advices. We look forward to working with you.