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The Top 5 Popular CNC Machining Materials

NextProto can machine most of the hard plastics and metals. Here we gather the top 5 CNC materials and they are chosen by most of our clients when they need rapid prototypes from CNC machining process.

Aluminium Alloys (including 6061 T6 grade and 7075 T6 grade)

Stainless Steel (303, 304 and 17-4 PH)

ABS (Yellowish and Black ABS for paint models)

PMMA (also called Acrylic, used for car lenses or water tanks as transparent parts)

Last but not least, it is brass. (used as valves for gas or water relative industries)

The top used CNC materials may change from time to time as product designers are discovering more possibilities of new materials. We will update the information a few times each year to keep you posted and give you the reference for your own products.