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The Principle of Rapid Prototyping Technology

 Rapid Prototyping Technology

What is the rapid prototyping technology? NextProto, a professional rapid prototyping company in China, gives us the answer.


The rapid prototyping technology is based on the principle of discrete / bulk forming, and to layer the 3D CAD model, which makes it be converted into a very thin two-dimensional model. Guided and processed by the CNC code of the model, and then process each thin layer, bond them to form the mold. Mainly includes the following steps:



1. The construction of products CAD model

There are two kinds of construction methods:

1) Though the conceptual design. Design a three-dimensional computer model of the needed parts (digital model, CAD model)

2) Through the reverse engineering. It is to scan the prototype by 3D scanners, and then combine the reverse engineering to process the scanned data.


2. Layered three-dimensional model

That is to disperse the model to a series of ordered units according to the certain rules, usually disperse from Z according to the thickness, and get the original three-dimensional CAD model into a series of layers.


3. Layers of manufacturing stacked molding

According to each layer’s contour information, input processing parameters, and automatically generate the CNC code.


4. Post-processing

a series of layers formed by the forming system and automatically connected to get a three-dimensional physical entity.


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