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The Most Concern of Clients on Rapid Prototyping Company

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Generally speaking, the rapid prototyping technology has penetrates almost every walk of life. The technology should be mature now, however, that is not the case. Most of the rapid prototyping companies can’t get the trust from their clients. And what is the most concern of clients on rapid prototyping company.


1. Technology

We can’t know a company until we have cooperation with it. It is the same case with rapid prototyping company. Some companies will exaggerate in order to attract clients. Then many clients will worry if the rapid prototyping company can design the product as they requires including the appearance, function, color and so on. It is the key factor for a rapid prototyping company.


2. Lead time

Time is efficiency in the market with increasingly fierce competition. It is also  important for rapid prototyping company. Lead time matters a lot for clients, so they will pay much attention to the lead time. Only the final product is finished, the following quantity production can have a good start. Every part is connected together. Once there is something wrong with the first step, all the rest will be in vain. Then how to control the lead time is the thing rapid prototyping company should think about.


Communication is important in the cooperation. Good communication will contribute a perfect cooperation. Rapid prototyping company just need to know what the clients really need, and then do as they required.