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The best way to produce your 3D print prototypes

A lot of people has a question about modern additive manufacturing. Nowadays, 3D printing is the most common advanced technology for rapid prototyping. In general words, 3D printing is the a new manufacturing process of producing a real model from a 3 dimensional computerised aided model, typically by laying down many thin layers of a resin material. At NextProto China, we offer metal and plastic 3D printing rapid prototyping services. Prototypes can be produced by SLA, SLS, DMLS in ABS, Nylon and Stainless Steel materials. Our company is specialized in quick turnaround, low cost 3D printed models and our 3D printing factory in in Dongguan China so you can expect a very good price from NextProto for 3D print prototypes.

NextProto’s SLA, SLS and DMLS Additive Manufacturing services offer enhanced accuracy through tighter tolerances, enabling a more reliable and detailed final rapid prototypes. Our advanced resin materials can withstand very rigorous engineering testing, but in many cases are now being used in real low volume production runs for many customers such from Automobile and hand tools industry. NextProto strives to supply our customers the best 3D printing solutions to help you manufacture your rapid prototypes in very low costs and in very quick turnaround timesfast.


Our factory in Dongguan China focuses on producing rapid prototypes for manufacturers in the west, mechanical designers and RP Agents in Europe and USA. NextProto adds a lot of value through our professional model post finishing and other downstream processes such as aluminium anodizing, deep drilling, EDM wire cutting etc. at one stop.

NextProto manufacturing Ltd specialize advanced 3D printing manufacturing techniques and produces functional rapid prototypes and models, and help you achieve precision engineered parts for low volume production. Our professional project managers will help you choose the right material and the right processes and the right surface finishing for your parts. Contact us now at sales@nextproto.com for more information and let us make your design come true.