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The Application of Rapid Prototyping Technology


In recent years, rapid prototyping technology has been rapidly and well applied in industrial modeling, manufacturing, architecture, art, medical care, aviation, aerospace, archeology and film and television fields. Today the professional rapid prototyping company, NextProto, is going to share the main aspects of rapid prototyping technology application.


1. Design and Functional Verification.

Rapid prototyping saves a lot of time and money. Through rapid prototyping technology, we can quickly produce the physical model of the product to verify the idea of the designer, and find problems existed in that design. If we use the traditional methods of prototyping, that means that it will last at least a few months from drawing to tooling design and manufacture of molds, go through many times rework and modify. Meanwhile, prototyping used rapid prototyping technology allows direct assembly inspection, interference checking, and functional testing of real-work conditions such as motion analysis, stress analysis, fluid and aerodynamic analysis, so as to improve the product structure and performance, corresponding process and required mold design.



2 Non-functional Sample Production

Before the new product puts into production or is manufactured according to the order, we need to produce a exhibition sample of a product or to take photos of samples. Apply the rapid prototyping technology is an ideal way. In different stages of the design, some specific creativity can not be tested the relationship between the physical volume by effect diagram, must be supported by three-dimensional model to continuously detect and modify the design program. Using rapid prototyping technology instead of the traditional handmade model can be more accurately, fastly, intuitively, completely pass the product information. The most important thing is to establish a parallel structure design system, optimized integrate the design, structural analysis and manufacturing trinity in a system so that labors of different division can timely feedback information to each other, thus shortening the development cycle and to ensure the high quality of the design and manufacturing.



3 Rapid molding Manufacturing

The traditional method of mold manufacturing gets the long cycle and high cost. Even a simple plastic injection mold values above 10 million yuan. Any errors in the design are reflected in the mold will cause irreparable damage. But these won’t happen in rapid prototyping manufacturing which is fast, economical and you can modify the design soon and reproduce the mold at once.


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