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Supplier of Rapid Prototypes - NextProto

When you need one off prototype or just a few hundred or thousands of parts per year, NextProto has the resources available to ensure your low volume production project is completed on time and within budget! We specialize in custom prototype manufacturing in China. Our services include prototype cnc machining, rapid prototyping, 3d priting, vacuum casting, sheet metal works, investment casting and plastic injection manufacturing, overmolding with plastics as well as plastic part production for industrial, consumer, automotive industries. Our engineers have over 7 years of experience, you can rest assured that your parts will always be of the highest quality.

At NextProto, we produce tooling and mouldings for customers in low costs. We also have close partners who can do the investment casting and die casting parts in very high quality and competitive pricing in China. All our facilities are based in China and we have employed the best engineers and project managers to help our clients to get the superior quality prototype parts in a very short lead time. Our CNC prototyping service is fast. We can finish a prototype project in less than 3 days and can ship globally using DHL or TNT. If you need plastic parts, we can produce it by CNC machining, vacuum casting or plastic injection moldings by rapid tooling. Our materials used for injection molding include PC, ABS, PP, PE, POM-Acetal, PA – Nylon, PC, PBT, HDPE, LDPE, TPE, TPO, PVC, PEEK and many other polymer compounds.

We strive to be the best prototype supplier in China and give you the real price without sourcing from foreign prototyping company owners who have a business in China. The rapid prototyping company in China owned by the western businessman is not the right choice for your prototype project. You should come to the real Chinese prototyping company like NextProto for the best quality and good pricing. All of our project managers can speak excellent English so you don't have to worry about communication between us. Our team is responsive and professional so that each project is well looked after at NextProto. Send an email with your prototyping requirements to sales@nextproto.com now and start a free project review!