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5 Stars Prototyping Services

NextProto offers five stars prototyping services to meet your needs for rapid prototypes and low volume manufacturing.

Our CNC prototyping is best for one off jigs, fixtures and parts that need real material properties. We can make CNC machined parts for production quantitiy and typical lead time is 2 to 3 weeks for 1000 pieces.

NextProto can offer rapid tooling in P20 steel and H13 for plastic injection molding and die casting processes. T1 samples are completed in typically 2 weeks and shipped. Moulds start at US$799 ONLY. If you require stainless steel, mild steel or other tool steel parts in mass production, we are glad to offer high quality investment casting service.

Do you have a new project now? Do you want to buy rapid prototypes from China? Then come to us and try our services today. We promise you will get what you have expected.