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Short Term Manufacturing

NextProto has offered rapid prototyping and low volume production services for many years, and we have formed a strong and professional team to the medical, scientific, automotive and consumer product sectors.  We specialize in the rapid prototyping and low volume manufacture of plastic and metal prototypes. Precision pre-production metal and plastic prototypes and low volume production parts are our focus. We can give you, our customer the highest quality but low cost functional parts, fast!

NextProto can step in with the quick and right answer when you need to make your designs into reality. Our duty is help you making your designs at the targeted right materials in very short lead time and cost effectively. No mattering when you are just trying to get a few prototype parts made or low volume production parts in good surface finishing.  NextProto can produce highly accurate prototypes from a variety of plastic or metal materials directly from your 3D CAD data.

Our high speed CNC machining centers can be a great solution for short term production prototype project requirements. This can save you a lot of money and reduce the risk of going forward with production tools. CNC machining is good for quantity of a few thousand parts projects. As we have a lot of CNC machined prototype project every year and we have the experience to achieve your most complex prototypes in a fast and professional manner.