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Ship Prototypes to the USA
You may have a question about shipping when you come to China for buying prototypes. You may worry about shipping and don't know how long it would take, how much it would cost and how it can be guaranteed to deliver on time and safe. Well, our answer is "It is totally as easy as you buy parts in your country!". NextProto has successfully shipped over 2000+ projects to the US and Europe.

Today we work with TNT, DHL, UPS, and FedEx for global shipping. These companies are the best shipper for small packages for rapid prototypes. The cost would be normally cheap for package weight less than 3 KG. If your parts are large but the weight is small, they would charge based on volume. For example, if you are based out of the United States and you have a shipment from us and its weight is 2.5 KG, then the shipping cost is USD 60. You don't need to handle the paper work for the shipping, it is our job to make sure the parts are well packed, customs cleared and arrived at your place as you have expected. It would take 2 days, say we ship on Monday in China, then you will receive the parts on Wednesday in America, the Europe or Australia.

2 days in total for shipping may be a bit longer than delivering prototypes domestically, but our speed of manufacturing is faster than most of the prototypers in the west. Oh, and you get a really good price from us! If you have your own shipping account, you can also use it to pick up the parts in China. We will well pack the parts and wait for your desired shipper to collect it. All you need to do is to do the pick up arrangement at your side and send us the paper work for shipment.

Our project manager will always send you an email for the each shipment with tracking numbers, photos of the prototypes and the commercial invoice, so that you can follow the shipment very easily. When you login the tracking number on DHL's website, you can get free tracking message automatically everyday. For customs declaration issues, we can help you to select the appropriate HTS codes for your parts. We have the expert in the international express and can be helpful for any issues accur from packing, shipping, customs declaration, customs clearance etc. You can rely on us once you place the order with us. We will take care of it for you.