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Rapid Tooling Services in China - Nextproto

Aluminum mold and P20 steel mold are used for plastic injection molds in Nextproto for low to medium volume production of plastic parts. H13 steel is used for die cast molds. Cycle times of Aluminum 7075 T5 mold is about 5,000 to 10,000 and P20 steel mold can be much higher to 100,000.

Some people think Aluminum mold is cheaper in China which has been prvoed "wrong". Our P20 steel can make much higher quality plastic injection molded parts but also have lower price advantage. It can make complex and glossy parts which aluminum can not achieve. P20 steel material is easy to purchase and low cost in China.

When you have multiple parts for a rapid tooling quotation, it is important to tell us about your colour options for the parts. We can put as many parts as possible into one mold with multiple cavities. This mold is usually called family mold. Family mold is a cost-saving option for the same color parts.

Beside plastic injection molding, we can also make your low volume parts in metals. Die casting and CNC machining is the solutions. Sheet metal stamping is for thin sheet metal parts. All can be taken good care by Nextproto as we are your one stop low volume manufacturing expert in China. Now why not send us an email for your next project?