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Rapid Prototyping or Low-Volume Rapid Tooling

CNC Prototyping

Services from us include CNC prototyping, sheet metal stamping, Plastic Injection Molding and Investment Casting. We also provide all finishing services to ensure your product meets your specifications.

As a start for your project testing, usually a prototype or prototype tool is needed. This can save you time and money instead of putting heavily into mass production molds. You can use this tool or model to test your new desinged product before lauching it to the market using production mold. A rapid prototype will allow you to test the function of the part and check if it has been appropriately designed for manufacture.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Besides rapid prototypes, we also produce rapid tooling for plastic injection molding, aluminium extruding and investment casting. This low-volume production methods can quickly produce the parts to replace vacuum casting, CNC prototyping or 3D printing processes. In some cases, rapid tooling or prototype tooling can replace the real production tools to manufacture functional parts for automobile and medical devices.

Nextproto is your one stop prototyping and low-volume production manufacturing supplier from CNC machining service to injection molding from rapid tooling. We have the expert team who have been working with customers internationally and can speak great English.