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Rapid Prototypes - One-Stop-Shop Provider

cnc prototyping

Nextproto (Next Rapid) is a 3D printing, rapid prototyping, low to mid-volume cnc prototyping and rapid prototyping company in China. Over the past few years we have become one of the best rapid producer of customized cnc prototyping, rapid tooling and rapid prototypes. Our market includes robotics, automobile and aerospace clients in America, Australia and Europe. High quality, short lead time of custom injection molded parts are provided as well.

As we have professionals of rapid manufacturing in cnc prototyping, injection molding and rapid prototyping, we can provide you the one-stop-shop services for low-volume manufacturing and rapid prototyping in very low cost from China. High quality is guaranteed. Our machines include high speed CNC milling machine centers, EDMs, Wire cutting machines and injection molding machines near us. Our goal is to offer the lowest prices with highest quality from China for your rapid prototypes and rapid toolings.