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Rapid Product Development

Next Proto helps customers to bring their products faster into the marketplace. We provide CNC machining, SLS, SLA, rapid sheet metal fabrication, rapid injection molding to make your customized rapid prototypes. If you need us to help you outsource some low volume investment casting parts, no problem, we can help you.

As a rapid prototyping company, we have been supporting our clients worldwide for their rapid product development needs. Especially when you need some very urgent project to be done or you have something complex that other prototyping suppliers can not help. We are good in rapid CNC machining and can accept challenging project. We say "Yes, we can do it" and it will mean "yes, we can do it"!

Rapid prototypes are used for evaluation and testing purpose usually. After that, you need to do some more market test to see the results. Then our rapid tooling service is a solution to assist customers to get 1000+ parts made quickly and efficiently. Rapid tooling includes plastic injection mould tooling in P20 steel and H13 tool for aluminium die casting. Our wish is, come to NextProto for the rapid prototyping service and stay for low volume manufacturing at NextProto as well for your short term production needs.

Next Proto serves customers in automotive and medical industries. We also help designers from deign firms for rapid product development. We can realize your parts in a very cost effective way using our in-house capability. You can rely on us as your one-stop source for rapid prototyping or pre-series production parts. No matter it is just a one-off prototype project or low to medium volume production work.

Our promise to you is to speed up your product into the real marketplace and help you win more orders. It helps both parties to build up a win-win cooperation. We hope we can be a great help to you when it comes to rapid prototyping and rapid tooling. Our factory is based in China, so you can expect a much better price than your local supplier in the west. Contact us and let us deal with your next prototype project.