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Qestions - Finding A Best Rapid Prototyping Company
custom cnc aluminium parts

Q: What makes Nextproto the best rapid prototyping company in China?
A: Well, we act fast and do things that can bring the biggest value to our customers. "We always strive to lower our cost by offering discounts, inscrease our efficiency or find better methods/technologies", says by Will, Managing Director at Nextproto. No matter what requirements, either customers want shorter leadtime, smaller tolerances or special surface finishing, we always do our best to help and aim to accept the challenges.

Q: Can Nextproto be the same quality level as www.starrapid.com or other rapid prototyping companies in China?
A: To be honest, we don't want to compare with other rapid prototyping services provider in China. Our goal is to have the same quality level as the world's leading rapid prototyping companies like 3D-SYSTEMS or PROTOLABS in the USA. The advantage to have our factory in China is the much lower labor cost here. With our experienced and highly skilled machinist and modelmakers, we can compete any other rapid prototyping bureaus.

Q: Will Nextproto offer better prices than other Chinese rapid prototyping companies?
A: Yes, we promise that. We even provide FREE Samples for new customers. You can ask for a discount from our sales engineeers if your project budget is tight or you just need a better prices to get parts done.

Q: How quick can a project de done? Can you do the same as rapid prototyping companies in America?
A: Low quantity CNC job can be finished in 3 days or less. Rapid tooling project would take about 2-3 weeks. Although we are very fast on production but shipping will take at least 2 days from China to the USA. So if you are really looking for overnight project then you'd better buy it in your country.

You can see our quality parts from our previous projects HERE(Rapid Prototypes Projects).