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3D Prototype Tooling

NextProto is a professional services provider of rapid prototyping and mould tool maker for plastic parts and machined components. We can also offer high quality plastic injection mouldings, pressure die casint parts and investment castings, lost wax casting parts from China to the West. We have been in the rapid manufacturing industries for over 7 years ince 2008 and thanks to our years of experience of cnc machining and tool making, we can produce very complex parts using combined techniques. Our project managers can speak native English and communications between you, our customers and Nextproto team is always convenient and fast.

Our rapid tooling services in China include: aluminium 7075 T6 tooling manufacture, P20 steel tools, NAK 80 tools, H13 tools etc. Lead times can be short in 2 to 3 weeks and parts are made over 1000 pieces per day. So if you are looking for a supplier for your urgent project of plastic moldings, contact Nextproto is the first choice.

We do cnc machinig for batch production from 50 to 1000+ parts quantity job. CNC machining is the best method to produce prototypes, final products or mould tools. We take your prototype and tool design via CAD/CAM software directly to our CNC machines for manufacture. High accuracy is always promised from us. Mould trial services can be provided fast and in low costs for short run jobs. All the rapid prototype tooling material is inspected before machining.

Various post surface finish is available for machined parts at NextProto. We offer high quality plastic injection tooling and mouldings from China. The mould will be stayed in our factory and we will ship out the moldings to you. For die cast process, we can offer aluminium alloys and Zinc parts. Prototypes can be machined by CNC if only a few parts are required. Any assembly or special packing requirements can be done by our trained staff. You can rely on us for your rapid prototype today and stay with us for your low volume production parts of moulding or casting parts tomorrow.