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Prototype Surface Finishing Suppliers
When you order a model from us, you may need a specific surface finish for your parts. At Next Proto, we offer a variety of surface treatments for different plastic and metal prototypes. “As machined” or “Machined finish” is most common finish for CNC machined components. It is applied for functional tested or invisible prototypes, which has no requirement for surface finish.  There will be machining marks left on the surface. When you touch it, it is smooth but you can still feel the tooling marks. Its roughness is approximately ranged from Ra3.2 to Ra.08. We can then apply bead blasting to it to remove the burrs and cover the tooling marks.

If you prefer a smoother surface ready for painting, we can do the sanding/polishing to remove all the machining marks. All the painted parts require this process first for primer coating and it can guarantee high quality painted surface afterwards. We can polish the surface using sand papers from 400 grits up to 1500 grits or even finer. For the mirror polished models, we usually sand it to 2000 grits then we start to use 3M polishing chemicals for
buffing. For black plastic prototypes, the surface would turn to a bit grey/white after sanding. For Nylon or glass filled plastic materials, there will be burrs after sanding. We offer mirror-polished prototypes in stainless steel, aluminum, brass and PMMA (Acrylic) to the highest standard.

It is a very time-consuming process, which requires a lot of labor work. High polished CNC machined PMMA and vapor polished PC prototypes are transparent. We also use these clear models for vacuum casting as master patterns. All kinds of materials can be painted in matte, satin and glossy finish according to your requirement of pantone reference and Mold-Tech texture. As we are based in Dongguan, it is very convenient to get the other outsourced post surface treatments such as anodizing, black coating, chrome and nickel plating, powder coating, alochrome (chromate conversion), PTFE coating. We have been working with these suppliers for years so we can have good control on the quality and price. We accept quantities from large scale to just 1 off prototype if required.