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Prototype Manufacturing of SLA, CNC and VC

Rapid prototyping is used to produce premium quality, low cost prototypes from 3D CAD data quickly and efficiently in our factory based in Dongguan China. NextProto’s rapid prototype manufacturing services can enable you to examine your product design at the early stage. We can reduce the time it takes to get your product into the marketplace much shorter so you can have the advantages ahead of your competitors. We have the in-house CNC machining capability to produce the machined prototypes, as well as rapid tooling to manufacture your plastic injection molding or pressure die casting parts quickly in very low cost. Our prototyping service can help you make changes to the product design at the early stage and help you develop your product further, so that it can greatly reduce the risk putting huge amount of money into mass production tooling.


We offer 3D printing services, also called additive manufacturing processes such as SLA, SLS and DMLS for your rapid prototype parts. SLA & SLS are ideal for rapid, one-off prototypes. In China, we offer very cost competitive SLA parts for light weight prototypes. An SLA prototype can also be used as a master part for vacuum casting process. SLS prototyping is very similar to SLA but it uses reinforced Nylon-like material to produce a stronger durable part, but the surface of the SLS part is quite rough. We can also produce 3D printed metal parts using DMLS or called DMLM process for stainless steel or titanium prototypes from China today. All these 3D printing technologies are commonly used in automotive and medical manufacturing for producing both functional prototypes for pre-production testing without the higher expense of rapid tooling. But if you really want better quality in surface finishing and accuracy of prototypes, we suggest you to use our CNC machining service.

At NextProto, we can offer you professional vacuum casting service. We can give you parts of premium quality and low volume prototypes in a variety of polyurethane resins. Vacuum casting uses a silicone mould which is made from a SLA or CNC machined prototype master part to make identical polyurethane parts which can be in-mould textured and coloured as per your requirements. It is a ideal process for rubber and silicone prototypes or for producing small batches of plastic prototype parts without spending a lot of money for rapid tooling and plastic injection molding. Vacuum casting is the only way we can use for producing high quality silicone or rubber prototypes.