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Prototype Machining Services Supplier


When your project requires a production-quality prototype part, look no further than Next Proto's Rapid Prototyping Machining services. Next Proto has been offering premium quality prototype machining and CNC milling for 10 years. We began as a small machine shop doing research and development work for new product design. While we have become a leading manufacturer, we continue to use our experience in R&D for new products and customers.


We have over 20 CNC Milling & Turning centers in 20,000+ square foot facility in Dongguan and Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China. At our 20,000 square foot facility, we are able to provide virtually any type of prototype, including form functional, fit-checks, study, and visual prototypes. We have experienced CAD CAM Programmers in-house. We can provide professional DFM and design & engineering assistance to you. Wire EDM and spark erosion capabilities are available. This can greatly reduce machining cost and we can get you prototypes done in one-stop. 4-Axis rotary tables and 5-Axis CNC machines are used to reduce set up cost. Complex part sharp and multiple sides machining parts can be achieved. Powder coasting, hard anodize and silk screening can be done by our partners nearby in affordable price. We hold to tight tolerances and perform strict inspections to ensure the dimensional integrity. We are experienced with prototype machining parts for many industries, including high tech devices, aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, and often requiring tolerances of up to±0.0005". We can also assist with product design, development, and assembly. We work in sizes that range up to 10" in length, width, and height.


prototype machining


We accept production quantities from 1 off prototype to low volume 100+ parts. Our prototypes are made with high quality CNC milling and turning equipment as well as manual machines. Using materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, Vespel, PTFE, and Torlon, our ISO and AS 9100C certified facility machines prototypes of the highest quality and with uncompromising accuracy. Investment casting, vacuum casting, CNC machining, sheet metal stamping and bending, plastic injection molding and die casting processes can be provided to produce larger quantity orders. Once you email us your 3D CAD data in STEP or IGES format files, our project managers will response and send you the quote in 24 hours normally. Our maximum prototype machining part size can be 1200 x 800 x 600 mm. We also provide gluing for plastic models and laser welding services to metal parts so larger prototypes can be done and kept strong. Prototypes can be shipped in as little as 7 days. Low volume production run can be completed and delivered in 2 weeks or less. Expedites is available and top priority service can be offered if required for urgent projects. 



Although 3D printed shapes might be acceptable for concept or tradeshow models, they cannot compare in quality and functionality to a machined alternative.Next Proto produces parts much larger and more quickly than 3D printing technology allows. Our shop also handles short run and full production orders, giving you the comfort of having a supplier capable of manufacturing the part after the concept is proven. Next Proto understands your need of rapid prototype machining parts. You can reply on Next Proto with your urgent prototype machined parts requirements.