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Prototype Investment Casting Suppliers

Investment casting is a common industrial process in China and the US, also called lost wax casting. We at Next Proto offer premium quality investment casting parts. It is one of the oldest manufacturing method for metal parts from 5000 years ago. There are a variety of metal materials that can be used for the investment casting process, including stainless steel alloys, titanium alloys, and carbon steels or mild steels. The metal is poured into a ceramic cavity, which was formed by wax previously so that we can get an exact duplicate of the desired part.

If we need to produce 1000 investment cast parts, we would first need to make a tool to produce the wax part patterns. Usually this mould tool is made out of aluminium alloy in 7075 T6 material by CNC machining and EDM process for the undercuts. Then we use this aluminium tool to create at least 1000 wax pattern parts to form the cavity. Investment casting can reduce the need for secondary machining by providing castings to shape. But the tolerance and accuray of the casting parts are not as good as CNC machined prototypes. So, once you require tight tolerances on the casting parts, we would do the secondary operation, CNC milling or turning to achieve it. At NextProto, we can produce very large and complex investment cast parts in stainless steel 303, 420, 430, 440 and 17-4 PH or titanium alloys.

Once you place an order with Next Proto for your investment casting project, our professional team will help you through the processes from DFM (Design for Manufacture) to the final shipment not time.


Advantages of Investment casting

Complex forms with undercuts can be cast in various materials.

A very smooth surface is obtained with no parting lines or flash.

Dimensional accuracy is very good, and we can do CNC machining to the parts to achieve even finer tolerances.

It may be used to replace die casting where only small quantity, short runs are required.

Almost any steel materials can be cast.