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3D Prototype Engineering

At Next Prototype, we produce different kinds of rapid prototypes using a variety of rapid prototyping technologies. RP is the short name for rapid prototyping. In China, there are some rapid prototyping services as SLA, 3D printing, SLS, DMLM, DMLS, metal 3d printing, vacuum casting of polyurethanes into silicone moulds, RTV, silicone mould casting, rapid cnc prototyping machining, precision cnc milling, cnc turning for round parts etc.

CNC machining

CNC machining is the most advanced rapid prototyping techniques at NextProto China. We produce all the precision prototypes with tight tolerances in great quality using CNC milling. We can produce prototypes from various plastic or metal materials, which include ABS, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Brass. Our pricing for CNC machined parts are very competitive and will be typically 50% lower than suppliers in the USA or UK. Contact us today for a free quote and start with your project at NextProto.


Stereo Lithography or SLA rapid prototyping is an additive manufacturing technology. It is a very fast process and we can make your plastic parts over night. We can offer ABS simulate or Nylon like materials for printed prototypes. All finished models will be in very smooth surfaces and can be painted in high gloss finish. Normally the SLS prototypes are tougher than SL models and it may be good for gears and mock ups for strength evaluation. You can buy rapid prototypes from NextProto for urgent plastic parts and our price for light weight SLA prototypes can be very cost competitive.