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Prototype Contract Manufacturing

Next Proto is a precision machining services provider and prototype manufacturing company for plastic and metal parts in China. We specialize in making challenging and high tolerance projects. We are a reliable rapid prototyping services company and can produce low to medium volume batch production parts using injection moulds and die cast moulds. All of the projects and orders are run and managed by our experienced project management team and technical engineers. Once you place an order with NextProto, we will make sure you will get the best service from us for rapid manufacturing.              

Quality is always the first at NextProto. To guarantee the highest quality of parts, we have installed the strict inspection system for production and FAI. This means all parts will be thoroughly inspected during and after completion. We use calipers, projectors and CMM to check the dimensions and features. Laser scanner is also involved for parts with many curve shapes and master patterns. As a client, you will always get the precision and accuracy for complex CNC machined parts. Challenging tolerances can be achieved and are discussed before production.

Some people think it is difficult to make precise 1 off prototype with tight tolerances. Yes, but it is not 100% correct. Although we have only 1 chance to make it right, we love challenge and aim to please our customers with complex parts in fine tolerances. For batch production run projects and short term quantity job, cnc machining is easier to get completely accuracy for all the parts once the set up is done and it will lower the time and risk. Feel free to send us an email for your prototype manufacturing needs at sales@nextproto.com and let us be your top class product development supplier.