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Prototype Aluminium Moulds Suppliers

Next Proto offers rapid injection molding services in various plastics. Injection molds at Next Proto are made from P20 steel, H13, NAK 80 steel or aluminum 7075 T6. We call it rapid tooling service here, which include mould design, DFM, mould tool making, mouldings etc.

We can provide very complex moulds to suit your design for rapid injection mold prototyping or rapid tooling. Our moulds can be very complex and may have multiple slides, inserts. We can do two-shot mouldings and overmoulding. We use MUD system for rapid tooling to save your cost. This means, we can use common mould base and for most new projects we only need to make the cores.


If you required quantity of moldings are just a few hundreds or thousands, we suggest to use P20 or 7075 T6 aluminum alloys for the moulds. If you parts have the high polished surfaces, then we suggest to use NAK 80 steel as it is the best steel for mirror polishing. H13 steel can be used for pressure die cast mould and our casting has the same quality standard as real mass production castings.

Our experts at Next Proto are also very familiar with family moulds and can make your parts very efficiently and cost competitive in the shortest lead time. You can also reply on us for your one off prototype projects for CNC machining or sheet metal parts fabrication.