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Precision CNC Machine Shop

Next Proto is one of the best precision CNC machine shop in China for your cnc prototyping and low volume manufacturing projects. Our company offers a range of custom CNC machining services from one-off prototypes to low volume production parts and P20 injection mouds.

We prefer IGES or STEP formatted 3D CAD files for CNC machining. The materials available at NextProto include all kinds of hard plastics, which are ABS, PP, PA, PMMA, PBT, POM. We specialize in metal machining as well. Our machinists are highly skillled and can complete any complex metal parts using 3 axis milling and turning techniques.


Wire EDM, CNC turning, deep drilling, EDM spark erosion and CNC milling are the main methods that allows us to bring any designs into reality quickly and inexpensive. We have over 7 years experience in CNC machining, and as our CNC machine shop is based in China, so we can always offer clients the best quality parts in lower cost. We are happy to help our customers to save costs without sacrifying quality.