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NextProto CNC Machining Specialists
Next Proto Manufacturing Ltd provides CNC machining services for companies requiring top quality precision rapid prototype parts and low to medium volume production parts. We offer superior quality CNC machining for advanced robotics, automotive, medical, and marine industries.

Our engineering team has the experience in machining of all metals and plastics. After the parts are machined, we can do hand polishing, sanding or sandblasting to the surface to make it look nicer. Normally the parts will be provided in machined finish with beautiful tool marks. But if you don't have to see the machining marks, then we can remove it for you with any costs. Also, for metal parts we can offer various post treatments such as anodizing, heat treatment or powder coating. No matter it is just a prototype to 1000+ low-medium volume quantity projects we can help. We are the rapid machining specialists that can help to make your prototype parts fast and in low costs.

Next Proto specializes in small to medium batch runs of prototypes. We can also use CNC machining to produce 1000 prototype parts per week if required. This is a very quick manufacturing service you can get from us.

We have a well-maintained CNC machining facility. All our CNC machining centres are high end Chinese made machines and can easily machine all kinds of hard metals such as titanium, stainless steel and bronze etc. We keep investing heavily in the state-of-the-art inspection equipments and highly skilled staffs, you can always have the best quality, best pricing and best delivery times from NextProto.