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Quick Services Summary
Next Proto is a supplier in the prototyping and low volume manufacturing fields in China. We help customers from small design firms to large corporation companies in rapid product development processes.              Our clients are from advanced robotics,...

Date: Dec 21,2015         View: 962

Prototype Surface Finishing Suppliers
When you order a model from us, you may need a specific surface finish for your parts. At Next Proto, we offer a variety of surface treatments for different plastic and metal prototypes. “As machined” or “Machined finish” is most common finish for CNC machined components. It is applied for functional tested or...

Date: Dec 21,2015         View: 837

Prototype CNC Milling Suppliers
If you are a designer and you are new to rapid prototyping and prototype manufacturing, it is a headache when it comes to material selcetion for your parts. Each material has different mechanical properties and Characteristics so it affects the function of the prototypes, eventually you will get different testing results from...

Date: Dec 17,2015         View: 991

Unique CNC Machining Services
Next Proto offers high quality CNC machined parts in China. We have plenty of CNC machining centers which can make sure you have your parts fast and cheap. As a western customer, you may usually be suggested to get a quote from local prototypers for your plastic prototypes using 3D printing (SLA, SLS) or DMLS for...

Date: Dec 16,2015         View: 2414

Ship Prototypes to the USA
You may have a question about shipping when you come to China for buying prototypes. You may worry about shipping and don't know how long it would take, how much it would cost and how it can be guaranteed to deliver on time and safe. Well, our answer is "It is totally as easy as you buy parts in your country!". NextProto...

Date: Dec 15,2015         View: 919

Why Use NextProto For Your Rapid Prototypes?
Next Proto’s advantages In Next Proto, we don’t have any sales guys or sales representative overseas (some people call it “local support”, but it is the same thing).  All our staff is Chinese engineers. Why? Because we want to keep our price cost competitive and offering you the quickest...

Date: Dec 03,2015         View: 995

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