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Mould Tool Making - NextProto

NextProto is a reliable precision engineering, rapid prototyping and mould tool makers in China. Customers come to us for top class quality steel and aluminium tools for the plastic mould and pressure die castings. We have the long experience expertise in providing the right engineering solutions for automotive, hand tools and industrial applications. Our professional project management team provide a prompt and efficient fast track turnaround service to clients for design and manufacture of rapid tooling from China. In NextProto China, our rapid tooling services include ABS prototype tool making for making silicone parts, silicone moulds for vacuum casting process, aluminium die cast tooling and plastic injection mould tools.

The Quality Control Procedure at NextProto provides confidence to clients that both new tools and existing tools. We also carry out tool modifications to provide the final best moldings and castings in a very quick turnaround times and ship globally. You can also request 1 off rapid prototyping service to test your prototype parts first before proceeding with rapid tooling services. This is a very safe and cost effetive way to make sure all the final parts produced by rapid tooling is the correct and suit your needs for the end product.

We offer rapid tooling services for die casting and plastic injection molding in real production grade quality and finish. This is a really money-saved service and will be specially good for making low volume manufactured parts to series production. NextProto is your best partner and we are the expert for your tooling requirements in China for short term production run. Our engineers have long experience dealing with all kinds of rapid tooling requirements for overseas customers. Also, we are a reliable rapid prototyping manufacturer so you can start with your prototype projects with us and stay with us for the low volume projects as well. All parts that you design can be achieved by us in great quality and fastest turnaround. Come to us for the rapid prototypes, stay with us for the short run production and rapid tooling services. Contact us now at sales@nextproto.com and we look forward to providing you the quotation in best price and fastest lead time. Thank you!