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Case Study - Metal Prototypes

Here are some of the best metal parts that we have made in NextProto. We can produce parts from 1 off to 1000+ in all kinds of metals including stainless steel, tool steel, mild steel, titanium alloy, aluminium, brass and copper, zinc and magnesium.

Fast, Reliable and Affordable Prototyping and Manufacturing Services

Rapid Prototyping by CNC Machining for 1 off prototype and 200+ pieces low volume production for metal parts

Additional Services include: Mirror Polishing, Anodize, Chrome Plating, Painting and Silkscreen Printing

Parts with Black Anodize, Golden Alochrome, Red Anodize and Grey Anodize Finish

Aluminium Parts and Stainless Steel Parts for Low Volume Manufacturing with Machined Finish

Stainless Steel Prototypes, High Polished(Mirror Polished) Aluminium Prototypes

Gear Box Prototype
Process: CNC Machining     Material: Aluminum 6061 T6     Quantity: 2 pieces     Surface: As Milled
Tight Tolerance: 0 - 0.021mm     Part Size: 140x120x60mm     Lead Time: 4 days
Unit Part Price: US$180

This part is used for the gear box as a protection cover. All the features are made by CNC machining without EDM.
Surface roughness is Ra1.6. From order to shipping we only need 4 calendar days for this part.

This part is milled by a 3-axis CNC machine. We have used Master CAM for programming.
Material was inspected by OES machine by our supplier and we can provide certificate if requried.
After production, the part will be checked thoroughly and packed carefully inside a hard carton box.
Parts are shipped via DHL to Europe. Customer was very happy with the result and will be placing more orders to us in future.