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Nextproto can machine any kinds of metal and hard plastic materials for CNC milling. Here is a list of the most commonly used materials at Nextproto.

Material           Material Type

Aluminum - Gray (Aluminum 6061-T651)              Soft metal

Aluminum - Gray (Aluminum 7075-T651)              Soft metal

Brass - Yellow (Brass 260 (70/30))              Soft metal

Brass - Yellow (Brass C360)              Soft metal

Copper - Red (Copper C101)              Soft metal

Stainless Steel - Gray (Stainless Steel 17-4 PH)              Hard metal

Stainless Steel - Gray (Stainless Steel 304/304L)              Hard metal

Stainless Steel - Gray (Stainless Steel 316/316L)              Hard metal

Steel Alloy - Gray (Steel Alloy 4140)              Hard metal

Steel Mild Low Carbon - Gray (Steel Mild Low Carbon CR1018)              Hard metal

ABS - Black (ABS)              Plastic

ABS - Natural (ABS)              Plastic

ABS-Flame Retardant - Black (ABS-FR)              Plastic

Acetal Homopolymer - Black (Delrin 150)              Plastic

Acetal Homopolymer - Natural (White) (Delrin 150)              Plastic

Acetal Static Dissipative - Tan (Tecaform SD)              Plastic

HDPE - Natural (White) (High Density Polyethylene)              Plastic

Nylon 6 - Black (Nylon 6)              Plastic

Nylon 6/6 - Black (Nylon 6/6)              Plastic

Nylon 6/6 - Natural (Nylon 6/6)              Plastic

Nylon 6/6 30%GF - Natural (Nylon 6/6 30%GF)              Plastic

PC - Black (Polycarbonate)              Plastic

PC - Clear (Polycarbonate)              Plastic

PC 20% GF - Black (Polycarbonate 20% GF)              Plastic

PEEK - Natural (PEEK)              Plastic

PEI - Natural (Ultem 1000)              Plastic

PMMA - Clear (Acrylic)              Plastic

PP Copolymer - Natural (Polypropylene Copoly)              Plastic

PPSU - Black (Radel R 5500)              Plastic

PS (HIPS) - White (Polystyrene)              Plastic

PSU - Natural (Polysulfone)              Plastic

PTFE - White (Teflon)              Plastic

PVC - Gray (PVC)              Plastic

UHMW - Natural (UHMW)              Plastic

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We offer the REAL materials that you’ll need for your REAL production parts. There is no longer any need to settle for something “almost” as good as ABS, Nylon or any other material you may require in production.