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Low Volume CNC

Customers from Europe and Australia come to Nextproto for quick turnaround CNC machined parts. Quantities can be flexible from 1 part to 1000 pieces.We use calendar days for lead times. That means if we state 10 days lead time on our quote, we can complete the job within 10 days and ship from the order date. This is highly special service from us and no other machining suppliers can do this.Finding a reliable supplier of low volume CNC machining services can often be a challenge.

From our experience, the best parts are produced by the best machinists. Good CNC machines help us to get the best result but this can not be done without experts. We build up our CNC machine shop based on customers satisfaction and premium approved quality in the rapid prototyping industry.

low volume cnc

China is a huge market for CNC machining and there are many CNC machine shops. But only a few companies have the highly skilled and experienced CNC specialists. Nextproto's production engineer has been in the rapid CNC machining field for over 10 years and he started to learn CNC machining, programming, injection tooling since he left high school. He previously worked at the biggest rapid cnc prototyping and tooling company in Dongguan and since then he has learned vastly on CNC milling, turning, EDM wire cutting, EDM spark erosion, tooling, metal forming and more.Visit at www.nextproto.com

"We can accept any challenging work that you've designed!" This is what we do and promise we will achieve for our customers. Even in today, we can 3D metal print the impossible parts but we are also very keen to make the complex components by CNC machining which allows you to have the real material instead of a simulant.

Contact Nextproto's experienced team and let us give you a quote for low volume CNC machining services in 8 hours.