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3 Little Things That Mean A Lot to Nextproto

We would like to share with you some things that happened to us in the past 3 years. You may think they are just small things but actually are the big changes to Nextproto people. Let me introduce to you:

1. New Factory

A new place with much better environment to work, stable ground and bigger area for placing facility. We invested 12 CNC Machines including 5-axis CNC milling machine, 4-axis CNC milling machine and CNC milling complex longitudinal lathe. A nice factory catches many peoples' attention and they are queuing for visits and seeking to learn from us to become a better CNC machining factory in China.

2. Vegan Canteen

Nextproto Canteen made a big decision to give up providing meat, egg, milk and their product... on 8th September 2020. Any employees can get free and rich vegetarian food including fruits from company canteen. No Discrimination and No Distinction! We are making a small contribution to a harmonious society, and this is the first step. From then on, respecting life is seen as the most important thing in Nextproto.

3. Friendly Environmental Protection Policy

We made changes from the previous Purchasing Principles. Environmental Protection now is the rule number one in our company. Purchasing anything much meet this requirement before ordering. For example, we are using friendly sealing tape instead of the clear sealing tape. Even it doubles the cost and friendly sealing tape's look is not so nice, we insist to do the right thing. What we think is, what earth will be left to our children and grandchildren?

Nextproto is a business organization but also a group of people who convey truth, kindness and beauty. 

We are walking on our own right path. 

And now is just the beginning...