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Investment Casting

High Quality & Short Lead Time

We provide premium quality low-volume production lost wax casting parts in various metal materials including

Investment Casting Wax Master Model

stainless steel and titanium alloys.
Our company is now at the top position of manufacturing the various investment casting parts such as titanium

alloys, stainless steel products, and different metal materials. We are taking an opportunity to ourselves as the

highly experienced and modern investment casting manufacturer of the best investment castings by the lost 

wax process.

Low Quantity Casting Job Is Accepted

We have a lot of technically competent and creative professionals who are engaged in the manufacturing field

of the investment castings for many years. All our casting parts are in the superior quality for satisfying the needs

of the customers.

Our company supplies investment cast parts to the various industries including,

investment casting Prototype

• Hand tools
• Auto industry
• Common engineering applications

We are involved in producing only the higher quality investment casting parts for the personalized requirements 

for the pumps, auto, boilers, valves, medical equipments, general engineering, and etc.

Why Choose Nextproto?

We are a leading investment casting manufacturer company with the state of the art manufacturing and infrastructural

facilities. The following are the specialities of our company in the manufacturing process of the investment cast parts.

Investment Casting with Polishing

Providing cost effective products

Having the quality conscious team with the highly experienced and qualified professionals
Concentrating on completely satisfying the requirements of the customers Maintaining the well organized 

network for the best collections and also delivery of the casting products
We always provide best investment casting products in the market which means to give highest utility to 
the end user.

We provide wonderful customer service than others.

We offer superior quality investment cast parts. We supply parts to many industries including Auto Industry, Hand 

tools, and all other general engineering applications. As we are based in China, we can offer a good price over our

western competitors due to the lower labor cost.

investment casting Mass Production

Precision Steel Casted Parts

Parts can be in very complex shape with untappered walls and undercuts. Typical lead times for a 500

pieces investment casting project is about 25 days or less. Available materials are stainless steel and titanium alloy, which include stainless steel 303, 304, 316, 420, 430, 440 and 17-4 PH. CNC machining can be provided to add features such as tapped holes, precision reamed holes and letterings etc. A variety of finishes can be done to the parts.

Post heat treatment/hardening is done on site in a controlled environment producing parts within the hardness range from 28 to 60 HRC. The casted parts can be post machined to achieve the precise dimensions. Nextproto offers high quality CNC machined cast parts and parts can be used as the finished product. We can also provide various surface finish to improve visual surfaces, including high gloss polishing, sand blasting, brushed finish, painting and nickel/chrome plating to the highest possible standard.