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Interior Led Lamp

Interior Led Lamp

  • Product Details
Plastic injection molding
Mold Tool (Reflector Part): 718H
Mold Tool (Lens Part): S136
Mold Tool (Lens Part): S137
Reflector Part: Clear PC
Lens Part: White PC
Finish(Reflector Part):
High polish
Finish(Lens Part):
cavity-Optical polish, core-VDI30 Mold Tool (Lens Part): S136 ; Mold Tool (Lens Part): S136; Mold Tool (Lens Part): S136
Lead Time:
10 working days (T1 samples)
Mold Life:


tooling+ molding+ inspection+ assembly+ packing

Interior LED Lamp, which is made of plastic and aluminum for illuminating in car compartments, combines plastic injection moulding and die casting. In here, we would like to introduce two representative components: Reflector and Lens.

At the beginning, our client arrived us to inquiry his tooling products-LED Lamp, looking for 1K quantity for his marketing required. Our sales team quoted back to him in 12 hours which is our standard time for production tooling quote. For rapid tooling with simple structure, we can cut down to 6 hours or even shorter which saves our customers a lot of waiting time that allows them to win more time for assessing.

After a good communication, we confirm the material of LG brand solid white PC and Bayer Makrolon clear PC to go for the job. The clear PC we choosed has a good transparency to be the LED lamp accompany with the high temperature and wear resistance feature as well. Both of the material choosing are basing on client’s purpose of design and suggestions from FP’s CAD engineers.

And next , we come to the DFM communication step.

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