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Injection Moulds For Your Short Term Production Needs
NextProto is your good supplier for prototype injection moulds for low to medium volume production needs. We have the capability to manufacture your aluminium and steel moulds for injection moldings and die castings. We also offer premium quality and short lead time for investment cast parts in steel and titanium alloys.

Our P20 steel is useful for rapid tooling and short tool life plastic projects. Parts can be made and delivered in 2 to 4 weeks. H13 tool steel is for our die cast moulds and aluminium cast parts will be done in 4 weeks typically. We help customers globally to save the cost and shorten the project cycles.

If you just need a few prototypes, you can try our CNC machining services. This include cnc milling and cnc turning in various plastics and metals such as aluminium, steel, brass, copper, abs, pmma, pc and other expensive engineering grade plastics like PEEK, PEI etc.