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How to select the correct surface finish?
When you ask a quote from our team, we would always ask the question about the requirments of surface finish, material and quantity. Knowing what kind of surface finish is very important in the rapid prototyping industry. NextProto's project management team pay great attention to surface details from quoting to final products.

Machined finish is provided for all CNC machined parts if there's no special requirements. Parts will be machined smooth with tool marks visible on the surface. NextProto can achieve Ra1.6 to Ra0.8 roughness machined finish for aluminium prototypes.

Below you can see a picture of a recent project that we milled from aluminium 6061 T6. The part is in machined finish with surface roughness of Ra1.6. We can offer more surface finishing according to your specific needs. Contact our team at sales@nextproto.com now for more information.