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High Polished Transparent Parts

Nextproto specializes in manufacturing CNC machined transparent prototypes for Automotive lenses, lamps, lightpipes, lightguides and displays. This is one of our techniques of rapid prototyping. Our clear prototypes have excellent optical component characteristics.


Usually we use CNC machining in PMMA or PC material or Vacuum Casting in PC like or PMMA like resin for transparent prototypes. CNC machined clear prototypes require a lot of hand polishing labor work. Our model makers are good at this and our price is inexpensive as we are based in China. CNC machining clear prototype is a good option for 1 off to 10 units prototypes. When you need 10 units to 100 pieces, Vacuum Casting is the affordable process. we will need to make a CNC machined PMMA master pattern, high polish it and then use it for silicone tooling and casting. We use imported resin and silicone which can make sure our casted parts in high quality.


Nextproto offers Automotive Lighting Prototyping as a complete service. We have some of the largest automotive customers from Germany and the UK. Some of the car lenses are very large for CNC milling, and sometimes we will need section the model into a few pieces to aid manufacturing. Our programmer has experience in this field and we will always provide parting lines for approval. We will glue the pieces after polishing. Our model makers have the best skills to do a perfect gluing to avoid bubbles and waves on the surface.


Manual Polishing
Acrylic, PMMA prototypes can be high polished manually to improve the transparency. They require a very good machined finish before polishing. Our model makers have years of experience in mirror polishing process and will pay attention to details, which can ensure the critical dimensions will be maintained.

Vapor Polishing
This process can be used to enhance the transparency for CNC machined PC, Polycarbonate prototypes. It performs with a chemical vapor, which is toxic, to change the properties of the surface. Vapor polishing is ideal for small features and internal surface, as these are very difficult to polish manually.

Today, Nextproto is one of the professional suppliers for clear PC models and polished PMMA lenses prototypes in China. We provide car lenses to the Rapid Prototyping Agent in Europe and OEM manufacturers for optical clear parts.