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Fire Drill and Magnesium Machining in Nextproto

A regular fire drill just completed on 10th August in Nextproto. Education for employees is a must. All employees were trained on the proper use of a fire extinguisher as well as escape routes and fire drills. 

The Risk of Machining Magnesium Alloy

We deeply understand how important to keep our factory safe from fire disaster. Especially for a CNC machining factory who machining parts in magnesium alloy. Element magnesium is very active so machining magnesium is dangerous without a suitable cutting fluid, suitable cutting speed and feed rate. The critical thing is, a special extinguisher is needed. Otherwise, it can lead to disaster.

The Risk of Laser Etching Magnesium Alloy

Laser etching machine can generate tremendous energy to remove material from metal and plastic. Etching logo or pattern on magnesium is dangerous as well. Magnesium powder can come out of the parts in laser etching process. When the concentration goes high to some value, it may lead to heavy bombing. We suggest to make the logo/pattern in another way like painting, silk-printing or pad-printing.