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Find the Best Prototyped Parts Manufacturers in China
When you have new designs come out, you will need to have some prototypes made. It is very expensive to get the parts made in America or Europe. Most of the time, your first option would be "go for China". Then you will use Google to search the prototyping suppliers in China.

Here you will have a question. What is the best key word you'll use to give the best results? Rapid Prototyping China? Or make CNC prototyped parts in China? My answer is both can be OK. You will get the results and find out some cnc prototyping suppliers from China.

This is the common way most people do. But in reality, you have to tried those suppliers until you really get the best "RESULT". This costs long time and big money. My suggestion, is to check what parts they have done before and check out their pictures/videos of their people and factory. This is very important. The best way would be, to visit their factory and meet with the people there.