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Fast and Low Cost Rapid Tooling Services

NextProto is a rapid tooling services provider in China. Our moulds are good for plastic injection molding and aluminum die casting. We have the strong capabilities to provide quick turnaround rapid tooling and low cost moldings and metal cast parts. Our prices are much more competitive than our competitors in the USA.

Our expertise is to provide much faster and lower cost rapid tooling use MUD system. This can significantly reduce the tooling cost and lead-time for the prototypes. Parts will have almost the same quality as the real production parts. We respond to the customers requirement very quickly as we have the best customer service team on site in China. We work with our clients closely in production processes and solve the issues together friendly and professionally.

We can respond quickly to requests for quotation after receipt of your 3D CAD data (STEP or IGES format) files via email.

Rapid Tooling Advantages:
Tooling cycle time is much shorter than conventional production tooling. T1 samples (first article samples for inspection) can be finished in as little as 15 days.
Rapid tooling can greatly reduce the machining time for moulds, inserts and mold base. MUD system saves the time and money for our customers. Tool materials are usually in P20 steel, NAK80 and H13 tool steels. Tool life is shorter than real production tools.

Benefits of Rapid Injection Molding & Rapid Tooling:
Prototypes can be produced in real production material in a very short time.
Parts are in good quality from rapid tooling. This allows designers to do fitting and function testings.
Design flaws can be found on early stage by rapid tooling. This saves a lot of risk and money. Tool modifications are cheap to help designs optimization.
Rapid tooling is a bridge to mass production tooling to reduce cost and risk, which can make thousands of high quality prototypes.

Contact Next Proto China today for rapid tooling solutions.