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CNC Prototyping & Rapid Prototyping

We can accpent any challenging parts for rapid prototyping and CNC machining at NextProto. We aim to please you with top quality parts. As we have been in the cnc machining field for so many years so our engineering team can always give you the best manufacturing advice to make your prototypes.

CNC machining is the right solution for pre-production, prototype parts with very tight tolerances or real engineering grade materials are required. Parts made by CNC machinig can be finished in various surface finishing such as sanding smooth, as machined finish, black anodizing, powder coating, chrome plating and high polishing and many more. It is much more accurate than SLA prototypes or vacuum casting parts as all parts are made directly from your 3D CAD models. At NextProto, we specialize in rapid CNC machining. You can reply on us for rapid CNC machined prototypes and the best service you deserve from our team in China. We can machine many kinds of plastic or metal materials for your prototypes requiements. ABS, PC, PMMA, Nylon and POM are the most commonly used materials for plastic prototypes. All metals are available for CNC machining including Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium alloys, Brass and Titanium.

NextProto manufactures the master patterns for Vacuum Casting process, it is also called silicone mould castings. If you require parts for investment casting process, we can provide you cost competitive prototypes and high volume production parts. We can offer all kinds of stainless steel, mild steel and titanium alloys materials for high quality lost wax casting parts. When you need special surface finishes for your prototypes, NextProto is the one stop shop for polishing, sandblasting, anodizing and more. We can offer all kinds of surface finishing commonly used worldwide such as powder coating, chrome plating, anodising, polishing, blacking and painting.Our service is fast and professional and our project managers will guide you from the quotation stage to the production and packing issues solved.

Our general tolerances on all CNC machining parts is DIN ISO 2768F for metal prototype and 2768M for plastic prototypes. Typical lead times for prototype projects are 3 days to 1-2 weeks. We can provide premium parts with finer tolerances, we call it precision machining here. Let us know your requirements when you ask for a quote and our project engineers will reply you back with a quotation in 24 hours. We can also provide laser etching, laser welding, wire cutting and EDM services to offer you the best solution for the prototype making.