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CNC Prototyping Factory - NextProto

NextProto's prototype machining services provide the high accuracy and strength of a production part in a quick turnaround leadtimes. We can paint and texture your machined parts to visually match your final production specifications. Our CNC machining department work from an extensive selection of real engineering grade materials to machine your prototypes. At NextProto, our most frequently requested machined alloys include aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, titanium and brass. Our commonly used plastic materials for plastic prototypes include ABS, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, PC/ABS, Teflon, Nylon, PEEK, Acetal, Ultem and PP. Most machinable plastics are available in different colors.


We provide custom machining services. CNC milling and turning are the main methods for producing functional prototypes. All of your parts will have the finest detail. You can choose the best material for design evaluation.
CNC machining is a low cost rapid prototyping process in China and it allows for excellent surface finish for your parts. We can anodize the aluminum parts. Sanding and polishing, painting, silkscreening are also available at Nextproto. We have experience for high polished PMMA parts for coffee machine tanks and car lenses. These parts are usually very expensive in the west because of labor cost. You can buy high quality prototypes with great details and finest finish from us but in much lower cost.

CNC machining is a traditional solution for sourcing initial prototype parts but nowdays it is the most commonly used rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing process in China. As we have so many advanced CNC machining centers in-house so we can provide you the quickest turnaround times for your parts in a good price. CNC machining can bridgethe gap between rapid prototyping and full production. We also provide rapid tooling services for plastic injection molding and pressure die casting parts if you need them.