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CNC Prototyping in Aluminum 6061 - May 2018
In May 2018, we NextProto have a lot of in-house CNC projects for global customers in Robotics, automobile and marine industry. Here below is a new example.

We can offer you the best quality parts in all kinds of metal or plastic materials. NextProto specialise in machining aluminium, steel and titanium. All kinds of CNC machines will be added to our new factory soon in 2018. We trust there'll be another 50% increase in sales for all rapid tooling and rapid prototyping services this year.

If you are new to us and would like to try out our services in rapid prototyping or low volume CNC machining, or you just want to ask us some questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@nextproto.com. Our team will get back to you shortly.