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CNC Prototypes or 3D Printing

CNC machining is the major technology to produce rapid prototypes in China. At NextProto, we can make the challenging parts with tight tolerances. Compared to advanced 3D printing, it is much cheaper here in most cases. All the materials can be easily got domestically and they are affordable. The SOMOS resin for SLA needs to be imported from the US so basically it costs more. In China, we quote all the 3D Printed SLA parts based on part volume and weight. If you are looking for a few small pieces parts to make, our SLA price can be very cheap. If you have some large parts with quite heavy weight, than the price is way more than your local vendor in the west.


CNC prototyping is a good solution to replace 3d printing parts. We have real property material such as real ABS, Nylon, Delrin for milling. These prototypes are very good quality with great surface finish. We can also provide you various post finish options such as painting, sanding, polishing or sand blasting to save your cost. China is in low cost for labour cost. You may have to spend a few thousands of dollars for some CNC machined prototypes in the US or UK, but we can help you to save about 60%. The quality is still superior from us and the lead time is usually very short.



Next Proto started to offer CNC prototyping service since 2007. It was previously called YiMi Prototype and in 2015 we have changed our name to Next Proto Manufacturing Limited and have combined all the rapid prototyping techniques including vacuum casting, rapid sheet metal fabrication, rapid tooling, plastic injection molding and die casting as our full-line services. All of our staff are young Chinese Engineers who can totally understand your needs and requirements. We communicate with customers all over the world in excellent English. Communication is never an issue between us. Proactive order progress update will be always provided to customers. Stay with us, stay with good service.


2016 is the Monkey Year of China, we wish you a Happy, Healthy 2016. For any new enquiries for prototypes or rapid tooling, please send us an email at sales@nextproto.com. Thank you.