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CNC Machining Prototype - Stainless Steel Rapid Prototyping
Do you have a new project ready for rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing now? Contact our professional CNC machining and rapid prototyping team in NextProto China today. You will get the most reliable service in the rapid prototyping field from China.

In this exciting month of 2018 May, we have a lot of new projects coming out everyday. Such as CNC machined prototypes for robotics industry, short term plastic injection molded parts, also called rapid tooling or prototype tool for auto car companies in Sweden, UK and USA. We have also made many parts this month for marine industries in plastic milling. ABS, PMMA and POM are the common materials.

Here below is a picture for the high end product in stainless steel. It is a CNC machined part with great surface finishing. All features are checked by CMM and it is excellent.

Want to be a happy customer of NextProto? Contact our rapid prototyping projects team at sales@nextproto.com and you will get an immediate response for your request.