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CNC Machining Prototype Quality Management Situation in China

With more and more CNC prototyping company arise in the last ten years, customers from oversea have more choices, causing competition now is getting tougher and tougher. How to survive?

Business Background in China 

Back to ten years ago, some very bad prototypes from a small, dirty CNC machining company with chaotic management system can be sell in very high price easily! It's a profiteering industry! Things are changed now. In recent 3 years, to let customers keep buying from you, a reasonable price, short lead time, smooth communication and good quality are necessary. 

But the fact is, 90% prototyping companies in China struggle to offer low price only but ignoring product quality. These are so many bosses would rather invest more CNC machines and buy one more house than invest a good QC department. Most of them think QC team cannot make products and cost too high. Is this true?

Quality Management in Nextproto

I must say "NO"!

Besides of offering good price, short lead time and comfortable communication, product quality is the most important thing in Nextproto. We survive and develop as well as benefit by quality. So Nextproto has never stop building a good quality management system since we set up Nextproto. Now we have perfect system, professional QC engineers and a range of good measuring instruments including CMM, optical projector, 3D-high gauge, handheld XRF analyser (X-MET8000 range) and lots another equipments. If QC team cost a lot as "they" thought? Yes, QC team does cost a lot but save much more cost at the same time. 

Nextproto Quality Engineer

Our QC engineers all are young with great passion. You will see them when you visit Nextproto factory.

Nextproto guarantee to offer you with high quality prototyping services that another companies cannot offer.