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CNC Machining Parts

NextProto are able to offer automobile and medical customers a wide range of CNC machining prototyping options from our new rapid CNC factory at Dongguan and Zhongshan China. We are happy to help with small projects from 1 off prototype to low-medium size job 100+ prototype manufacturing. Unlike other rapid cnc prototyping companies in USA or Europe, we don’t need to outsource your cnc project to suppliers in other factories in China. NextProto is the perfect solution for you when you are looking for a rapid turnaround machined parts manufacturer.

We can do multi-sided machining to accommodate even the most complex of designs for any industry. NextProto provides a one-stop machining solution to all western customers. We only use the best and most advanced Chinese brand cnc machining centres. Our professional cnc machining team are very young and energetic. All of our project managers are graduated from University and can speak fluent English. Some of our machinists have been in the rapid cnc machining industry for over 10 years and can produce the most complex part no matter what size it is. We can also give the best the advices to choose the best material for your application. Our goal is to greatly reduce costs and lead times for our customers when they need prototypes or low volume production CNC parts.

NextProto can offer 5, 4 and 3 axis cnc machining services. We can meet your very tight schedule for a speedy delivery of rapid cnc machined prototypes. Whether you need just a single component or a number of machined parts we can help and you will get a very good price from NextProto. You can rely on us for painting, anodizing and plating surface treatments as we have plenty good post finishing suppliers in Dongguan.

During production and after the prototypes are manufactured, we will apply a very detailed inspection. If you can not measure it, you can not make it. This is what we believe in for manufacturing. So, we have bought a lot of advanced inspection equipments to help to improve our quality. As we are a reliable rapid prototyping and prototype manufacturer in China, we have won lots of overseas customers coming to NextProto for CNC machining services and other rapid tooling services as well.

At NextProto we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and rapid machining techniques. We have invested and will continue to invest in inspection equipments, high performanced CNC machining centres and programming softwares. All these investments can greatly reduce our set up costs and raise our production efficiency, so that you can always get the most competitive quotes from NextProto. Beside this, we will try our best to hire more and more skilled CNC machinest and experts to join the NextProto big family so that you get have the highest quality and shortest lead times from us. Our typical lead time for a prototype project is only 3 to 7 days and for small batch production cnc prototyping, we can deliver within 2 weeks or less. Contact sales@nextproto.com for a quote today.